Snug-It DSLR Camera Skin for Canon Rebel T3i (600D)


DSLR Defensive Skin

Custom-manufactured for the Canon Rebel T3i, Delkin's Snug-It Protective DSLR skin provides complete digital camera security in any shooting environment. Made out of a tackless, powder-infused silicone, Snug-Its are ideal for heavy-duty use. Use it while hiking, fishing or just enjoying a calm afternoon outdoors; your DSLR will remain completely protected, even in a handbag. Creating a thick rugged shell with ridges incorporated for the skin, this glove-like fit offers both smooth texture and a secure grip on your device.

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Weight: 0.4 lbs
Dimensions: 6.8 x 3.25 x 7.8 in

Product Description

Snug-It Camera Protection

Snug-It above is an example and may not reflect your model though the process is the same.

Delkin Devices’ Snug-It Protective DSLR Camera Skin is specifically designed to provide complete protection for the Canon Rebel T3i (600D). Made out of a tackless, powder-infused silicone, the skin is custom molded to provide a glove-like fit and acts as a barrier against scratches, dings, and other damage to your DSLR body. It is also designed to repel lint, dust & moisture. Protective molding around the hot shoe attachment & lens provide maximum coverage, while leaving all camera specific buttons, sensors and compartments unobstructed. In addition, ridges along the grip help to maintain a secure hold during shooting. To provide your camera with optimal protection, a clear, plastic LCD screen cover is also included to protect your LCD screen from scratches, fingerprints or any other potential damage.

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  • Complete Protection for the Canon Rebel T3i (600D)
  • Custom Molded for a Glove-Like Fit
  • Made of a Tackless, Powder-Infused Silicone
  • Prevents Scratches, Dings & Other Damage to Your DSLR Body
  • Repels Lint, Dust & Moisture
  • Protective Molding Around the Hot Shoe Attachment & Lens for Maximum Coverage
  • Unobstructed Access to All Camera Specific Buttons, Sensors and Compartments
  • Includes LCD Screen Protector
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • UPC: 750324101944

Snug-it FAQ

Can I use a battery grip with my Snug-It DSLR Skin?

Due to the nature of the skin and in order to provide the most amount of protection for your camera, the Snug-It DLSR Skin includes a lip along the bottom of the camera body. This ensures a snug fit, prevents debris from getting beneath the skin, and protects the bottom of your camera from damage when setting it down on rough or dirty surfaces. Due to this protective lip, a battery grip will not fully connect with your camera. We have had some customers modify their Snug-It DLSR Skin and remove this lip with a sharp pair of scissors or a razor blade, then connect their battery grip with very happy results. While Delkin cannot recommend this modification, it is always an option to you should you choose to use a battery grip with your Snug-It DSLR Skin.

My Snug-It DLSR Skin came with two LCD covers, which one should I use?

When DLSR manufacturers started to build in flip-out LCD screens, we decided to include soft LCD screen covers that could be adhered directly onto the LCD screen’s surface. This replaced, for these models, the standard hard plastic LCD screen cover that we would normally include. Several customers really liked these, and preferred them to the hard plastic LCD screen covers that slipped into a groove built into the skin. For this reason, we now include one of each type with each Snug-It DLSR Skin. Models that utilize a flip-out LCD screen will include two soft adhesive covers and no hard plastic cover, while DSLRS with standard LCD screens will include one of each.

I lost my hard plastic LCD Screen Cover, can I get a replacement?

Please contact our Customer Service Team and we’ll be happy to help you out with a replacement. We’re available Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm, PST.

What does “Powder Infused Silicone” mean?

Normal silicone covers for cell phones and other electronics use a standard silicone that is tacky to the feel. It is easy and inexpensive to produce, and also provides a bit of added grip. The downside is that it usually collects a lot of debris very quickly, and can actually attract more lint, dust and contaminants to your device than if you weren’t using any protection at all. Because of this, we infuse our silicone material with powder before it goes into the mold. The powder creates a smooth feel to the silicone, and prevents debris from sticking to it. This added level of protection keeps your camera body clean, while still lending added grip.

Will the Snug-It DLSR Skin cover my camera’s buttons?

Snug-It DLSR Skins cover and protect all of the buttons on your camera body; button icons and functionality queues are molded into the skin so that they are visible and easy to find, while providing complete protection from dust and debris. Rotating dials are usually left open and unobstructed so that they can turn freely. Battery doors and ports will generally have a flap covering them, which can be peeled back to allow access without having to remove the skin. Sensors, microphones and speakers are left unobstructed. Careful decisions are made in the design of each skin that are specific to the camera model to ensure the best level of protection with the most ease of use.

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Reviews / Rewards

5 Stars on B&H
I’m currnetly deployed in Iraq, and bought this skin to protect my camera body from the bumps and such. Everyone alway told me “don’t buy it, dust will still get in there”…..Well, between cleaning the camera body occasionally (like you’re supposed to anyway) or having to replace it, yeah, I bought the skin. And I’m very glad i did. It goes with me on every mission, and i’ll be buying the skins for my cameras at home as well. An added plus is that it comes with the pre sized protective screen sticke, and a plastic screen protector that goes with the skin itself. I don’t use it much since the sticker is enough, but i probably will when back in the states. Buy it :)

4 Stars on B&H
“The B& H catalogue does it again” By Wade (Taylorsville, NC)

This type of cover was new to me. I ordered it from the catalogue picture. I am very pleased with the design and usability. All the controls are accessible and marked. I prefer this to the conventional soft cover/case.
“snug pro” By fishegle (Okinawa, Japan)

5 Stars on B&H
Fits and feels great. hard plastic lcd cover and lcd soft cover offer double the protection. Highly recommend.